Our Story

Building a clinic model focused on the long term health of a growing panel of prepaid, satisfied & loyal members, to unlock a new relationship for value-based care.

History of Tribus

Making healthcare safer, more affordable and more personalized for providers, patients and payers alike.

Tribus helps put A Doctor in Your Family.™ Founded on the belief that it should be easier to provide the right care, at the right time, at the right cost. Our model is bringing that belief to life, improving outcomes and empowering financial sustainability along the way.

A decade ago, a team of healthcare executives asked themselves a question: What are the most pressing issues in healthcare, and how do we fix them? For the system to thrive, the adversarial relationship between payers and providers had to end. This called for an innovative approach, with economics and data shared freely across the continuum of care. It meant incentives for behavior – not punishments – supported with the right information and tools.

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A Strong Foundation With Lumeris

Tribus is supported by Lumeris which has a proven model and provides data from working directly with hospitals, specialists and patients to help support the risk-based clinic operations of Tribus' senior adult care model. In addition, LumerisEngage technology helps orchestrate care and drive behavioral change, improving communication and the relationship between providers and patients.

Lumeris’ Proven Model

Lumeris’ model for value-based care delivery has achieved recognition for its ability to improve outcomes across populations, with results validated by AON Hewitt. For more than 10 years, they have operated one of the highest performing Medicare Advantage plans in the country as measured by clinical and financial outcomes, as well as member and physician satisfaction.

Data Inside & Out

Lumeris helps our partners add value to their existing infrastructure by transforming clinical and organizational data into groundbreaking insights. Our solutions help advance population health, improve provider and patient experiences and enhance financial stability.

A Clear Game Plan

Whether advising, redesigning infrastructure, or helping to manage a new care model, we ensure the steps are always clear and pragmatic. Our clients have access to the deeply experienced management team at Lumeris. They are passionate about client success and achieving market-leading results.

Led by an Experienced Team

Dr. Chuck Willey

Dr. Chuck Willey | CEO

Dr. Willey comes to Tribus with more than 30 years of clinical practice in a risk based primary care environment. His extensive knowledge of value-based care and physician practice management uniquely positions him to lead all Tribus partnerships.

John Fryer

John Fryer | President

John leverages his extensive experience in physician and value-based care strategy to oversee operations and growth efforts at Tribus. In addition to his role within Tribus, John services as SVP & Head of Market for Lumeris.

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